How Fairmont in San Francisco cares for their customers

Lithium did a great job to host an unforgettable conference, the #LiNC14. And the picked one of the most exclusive locations in San Francisco to do so: the Fairmont in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the staff at the Fairmont was not aware that their customer was not only Lithium paying the whole thing but also each individual attendee of the conference. And it already started bad the very first day at the registration party.

According to the schedule, the registration was open Monday night 6pm to 9pm. And there was a bunch of people profiting from the opportunity to start networking with other conference attendees. So did I. Unfortunately, already at a quarter to 9, they [at the Fairmont] wanted us to stop networking: first voices could be heard that there were no more drinks given out at the bar. At a quarter to 9? It seems the staff wanted to go home at 9pm, when registration officially ended.

But it got worse: at 10 to 9, some waiter took away my Gin Tonic. I had my glass on the table besides me and it was still filled more than half. WTF? So I went to the bar and asked the bar keeper for my Gin Tonic. “I’m sory sir, I can’t give you anymore alcohol”. You’re sorry? I don’t believe you! So I told him that my damn glass was still more than half filled and got collected by someone while I was standing besides. “I’m sorry but I can’t do anything about it”. F*** off! I insisted that I wanted my drink back and the guy told me he could call his supervisor. I asked him to do so – my tone was not so nice anymore. And 2 minutes later, the supervisor was asking me what went wrong. I told him the hole story about my Gin Tonic disappearing basically out of my hand and the supervisor offered to compensate with a beer because he could really not give out any liquor anymore. For whatever reason they can’t give out liquor at 5 minutes to 9…? And why could *I* get a beer but not my friends not having any drink at a quarter to 9 anymore? So I asked for a light beer. And what did I get? A light beer. Followed by a big disappointment when touching the bottle. My immediate, impulsive reaction was “Hey sir, this beer is warm like piss! WTF?”. And the supervisor’s reaction was like “I could get you a cold one if you want”. His reaction was so uncaring that I’m sure he served me a warm beer on purpose, hoping that I did not notice until he disappeared.

F*** off, Fairmont! This is really not how you treat customers, even if the individual doesn’t pay for the bill and your staff wants to go home at 9pm.

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